Friday, April 16, 2010

31st Day of Awesomeness

Meet our cat, Tinsley. She is the most awesome cat I have ever had. She came from the animal shelter to us back in August. Since then, she has never made any messes, she has come back after getting out of the house, and she has never put a mark on any of us even though she still has all her claws. The dog likes to chase her, but she stands up to him when she is tired of it. The kids drag her all around and she never really retaliates. There have been times she has given the kids a bat with her paws, but she has never left a mark. Today I hear my daughter yelling for help from the living room and this is what I found. As you can see, Tinsley was not stressed at all, she simply was showing my daughter that she was tired of her being in her face. Once again, not a scratch on my daughter, but Tinsley got her point across quite clearly.

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