Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Awesome Posts (46&47) for the Price of One!

So I have been sick and forgot to do my blog yesterday. The pic above was a fun moment. I was sitting at the dinning room table and I hear "YES!". I look over and see my little girl beaming with pride and I ask her what happened. She points at this and gives me a look that says, "Yeah, that's right. I did that." It wasn't so much the actual accomplishment that I think is awesome, it was her pride in her accomplishment.

And just moments ago, while I was writing the description above my son starts yelling, "Daddy! A circle! Daddy! A circle!" He was also rather proud of his accomplishment. Daddy is proud of both of them. I have two very awesome toddlers.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome they are! It is so neat to see your kid accomplish something and be so proud of themselves, even if we think it is minor. Cute little kiddies!!