Monday, May 3, 2010

48th Day of Awesome it is

I won this guy when I was 16 at a Safeway in Lamar. For most of his life with me he has made his home in my bedroom. However, there came a point in my daughter's life where she was so scared of the sight of him that we had to find a few foster homes to host him. I started to miss him so I bought the animated Clone Wars movie and had my kids watch it with me. After seeing Yoda as the good guy they were very accepting of him being back home with us.
Around the time Yoda returned home my daughter started having nightmares of monsters coming after her (none of them were Yoda). One night we decided to have a camp out downstairs where Yoda was staying and before bed we talked about her nightmares. I posed the question, "Who scares away monsters?" I was hoping she would say Daddy or God, but she pointed to Yoda. That night she didn't wake up because of monsters in her dreams. Ever since that night Yoda has stood guard in the corner of her bedroom keeping an ever vigilant watch for those pesky monsters. Awesome this is.

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